Britt Reid incident report could take 30-60 days to produce

The crash involving Chiefs outside linebackers coach Britt Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, raises many questions. It will be a while before some of the answers emerge.

Via Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, police said at a Tuesday press conference that a report on the incident will require 30-60 days to finalize. Until then, the police decline to discuss specific cases, like Reid’s.

Reid admitted to police that he had two or three drinks before the crash, and that he had taken Adderall. One of the major questions, as flagged by Wetzel, is this: Was Britt Reid drinking in the Chiefs’ facility? If so, did the team know, or should it have known, about this clear breach of the league’s alcohol policy?

Britt Reid, as noted by Wetzel, served five months in prison for DUI, possession of a controlled substance, and brandishing of a gun during a 2007 road-rage incident.

The crash happened near the team’s facility. As Wetzel points out, Britt Reid lives roughly 30 miles away. The incident occurred on the obvious path to his home.

“NFL buildings have extensive security cameras and in-house investigators,” Wetzel writes. “The Chiefs almost certainly already know when he left the building. They may know almost everything he did while inside of it.”

Again, this case raises many questions. It’s safe to say that, regarding the question of where the drinking happened, the NFL already has started asking some of those questions.